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Fast facts

  • Capture was made available in Evolve version 3 in 2017
  • Capture has since been succeeded by Simulation
  • Capture will be retired as part of the latest update

The Lowdown

The Capture Component has been in Evolve since 2017 to allow users to create interactive screen and application simulations, but was succeeded in late 2020 with the more advanced Simulation Component.

As part of the latest update, we will now be retiring the original Capture Component to simplify the available Components and focus development on Simulation.

This page has been curated to help you learn about the change and what you need to do if you have active Capture components in your courses. Read on for more...

What to do now

Identify if you have Capture Components in any of your courses.

You can use Evolve's Search functionality to find all Capture components within all courses in your Evolve Instance. The video below shows you how.

If you don't have any Capture Components then that's great! You can ignore the rest of this page.

If you have Capture Components in your Courses

If you have located Capture Components which you know are being used in active courses, then the following section applies to you.

Read on to find out how this affects:

Courses you have already published (On an LMS, as zip files or elsewhere):

  • Existing Captures will continue to work but cannot be edited

When learners use the Capture components in these courses they will continue to work in the same way.

All Courses in your instance containing Captures

  • You will not be able to edit any existing Captures from Evolve v10.

New courses you make

  • You will not be able to use the Capture Component.

Actions you should take

  • Locate any Capture Components across all courses in your Evolve instance (as per the video above) and modify them as required BEFORE 28TH JUNE 2022 if you want to keep them in published courses.
  • Think about recreating your Captures using Simulation.

Alternatives to Capture

If you want to continue using screen/application simulations in your courses then you can recreate existing Captures or create new simulations in the Simulation Component.

Check out our guides to using Simulation in the article below.

NOTE: Unfortunately, there is no way to automatically recreate or import Captures into the Simulation Component.