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Fast facts

How did we get here?

  • In February 2022 we introduced the new (Beta) Page Builder interface in Evolve 9.
  • In May 2022, after user feedback, we made some design and functionality changes to that interface and also added the amazing new Quick Preview feature in Evolve 9.1.
  • And now, in June 2022, we are releasing Evolve 10 - the fully rebranded tool with a few more changes to streamline and simplify your experience. Read on for more!

The Lowdown

Since we launched the beta version of our new UI for the Evolve Builder back in February we have been listening to your feedback and comments and making small changes to the look and operation of the UI based on that feedback.

On 25th May we released version 9.1, which contained a revised version of the Builder UI and also the astounding new Quick Preview feature, which has been called "awesome" and "a UX delight"!

Now, on June 28th, we are releasing the FULL Evolve interface rebrand as Version 10, which consolidates our research, your feedback and months of hard work by the team to bring even more power to your favourite Authoring Tool!

This page has been curated with resources to help you learn about the changes. Read on for more...

The New Interface

Here is a look at the full tool you will be using going forward.

  • The Dashboard has been removed - instead everything is in one easy-access menu, and you open straight to the Courses page, ready to start work.
  • The Courses page has been redesigned for clearer viewing and can be arranged in Grid or List format.
  • Sections such as Asset Library, User lists, Tags and Templates have been brought up to date with the same modern interface refresh that we gave to the Course Editor.
  • Your Profile and Account Settings are now streamlined and all in one place, as are Help and Support links.

Take a look...

This short video shows you how Evolve 10 will look and operate.

Other features and improvements

Customise your 5 most "quick pick" components
When you add a new block, a "quick-pick" of 5 common components is shown or you can choose from the full list if what you want is not there. By default the "quick-picks" are Accordion, Graphic, MCQ, Media and Text. Now, within Account > My Settings > Preferences you can choose up to 5 of your own favourite Components instead.

Choose how the Course Editor loads
By default, when you select a Course from the main list, the editor will open in a new tab for you to start working in. This behaviour can be changed within Account > My Settings > Preferences so that it opens in the same tab, not a new one.

Course deletion
Extra confirmation steps have been added to confirm deletion of a course. We always recommend turning on Automatic Backups for all courses, and publishing a copy of a Course before deleting, as fallbacks in case of user error.

Font preview
When managing your font library, you will now see a preview of that font in the details, whether it be a default font, Google font or your own custom fonts.

Tags are bolder and clearer
Tagging for Courses, Assets and Users now stand out more, making it easier to find things at a glance.

Better user management
Now with its own section, Users in your instance(s) can be viewed and managed more easily.

Rebranded login page
For design consistency and reflect Evolve's place within the Intellum platform.

Guidance for Evolve v10

If you need further help you can check out the Q&A below. If your question has not been asnwered, you can post in the Evolve Community for assistance.

Questions & Answers

Below are answers to questions you may have about this change.

Is the old editor being removed now?
Yes! The old style Course Editor and the Dashboard will be removed to create one consistent User Interface (UI) across Evolve.

How do I use Quick Preview?
Check out our guide to Quick Preview.

How do I view recent Activity now?
From the Courses page, select the graph button found on the right-hand side to open the recent Activity list and filters.

How do I pin/preview/duplicate/delete my courses now?
These functions have been added to an Actions menu for each Course in your list. Access these options using the meatball menu on each item.

Where are my Pinned Courses now?
These can be found at the top of your Courses listing.


We always love to receive your feedback on Evolve so you can continue to let us know what you think at the link below. If you find what you think is a BUG however, please report that to Thank you!

Provide your feedback here: