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Fast facts

Here's what is coming in this article and to your Evolve on 25th May!

  • Aesthetic changes to the new Editor UI (User Interface).
  • Small UX (User Experience) changes to make your editing experience faster and more efficient.
  • A very exciting new feature that we think you will love!

The Lowdown

Since we launched the new UI for the Evolve Builder back in February we have been listening to your feedback and comments and making small changes to the look and operation of the UI based on that feedback.

On 25th May we will be releasing version 9.1, which will contain this revised version of the Builder UI, containing the changes listed below.

We are also adding a very exciting new feature which we think you are going to LOVE!

This page has been curated with resources to help you learn about the changes. Read on for more...

Below you can see the difference between the original Builder look and the new release version.

How it looked before....

And how it will look from 9.1

How the UI Look and Feel is different

  • Slight colour and style changes in 3 main areas, with an even cleaner, uncluttered look

  • New style buttons for Publish, Live Preview, Delete and Show in Preview

  • More defined icons in the Page Builder section

And those Feature Changes in full...

  • Adding of new articles and blocks done using hover-appearing buttons

    • Adding new article adds one block and the component chooser
  • Full < -- > half-width components:

    • The "Shrink" button has been removed from the editor toolbar, now simply add an empty component to the left or right.
    • To make a half-width component full-width again, just delete the other component and it will happen automatically!
    • The "Switch sides" button is now in-between components, not on the editor toolbar
  • Pasting of ALL elements can now be done from the + icon in the  Course Outline toolbar (also still available when choosing a component)

  • The Hidden tag has been restored and the hide/show eye icon is hidden unless displayed on hover for a cleaner UI

  • Disabled Articles and Blocks now compress down to save space. They will reappear when re-enabled.

  • Context menus have been added to each item in the Course Outline column allowing you to perform the toolbar functions for each item directly, and also a Hide toggle has been added for each item for quick switching of state.

But what about that new exciting feature?

Did you spot it in the screenshot above? If so, well done for being eagle-eyed! Our new feature is the very exciting QUICK PREVIEW - the link will show you all you need to know! We hope you love it as much as we do!

Guidance on the changed editor look/features

The changed look and features should be self-explanatory, but if you need help you can check out the Q&A below. If you still need help, you can post in the Evolve Community.

Questions & Answers

Below are answers to questions you may have about this change.

Is the old editor being removed now?
Not just yet. The 9.1 release on 25th May is an intermediate step before we fully adopt the new-style editor in late June. We recommend you familiarize yourself with the new editor and its functionality as soon as you can!

How do I add new pages and elements now?
To add new Pages or Topics, use the 2 icons at the toolbar at the top of the Course Outline section on the left.

To add new elements, hover over an existing Article, Block or Component and use the + icons that appear on them to add another of them above, below or to the side of the existing one.

You can then add new Components by using the 5 suggested items or by clicking "More" or "Add Component" in any blank Component space.

How do I duplicate existing pages and elements now?
If you just want to grab a quick duplicate of an Article or Block in the current Page,  select it and then use the Duplicate button in the Page Builder toolbar.

If you want to bring in any element from somewhere else in the course or any other course in your instance. use the Paste function. This is contained within the + (plus) icon in the Course Builder toolbar. Click that, and then in the drawer that pops up switch to the Paste tab and choose any Page, Article, Block or Component to copy in from anywhere else in your entire Evolve instance!

Where have the Hide and Disable buttons gone from Pages, Articles, Blocks and Components?
These are hidden until you have your mouse cursor over each particular element. They will then appear and you can use them. Disabled Articles will be condensed until re-enabled to save space in the Page Builder section.

How do I make a Component half-width now?
Select or hover over the component you wish to resize and use the Add Component button to the left or right of it to add a blank Component, making the original one half-width. You do not need to add another Component to the blank half-width space.

How do I switch sides of half-width Components?
Whilst hovered over or having selected either half-width Component a Switch Sides icon will appear in the middle between them. Click this to switch sides!

How do I make a Component full-width now?
Move or Delete any existing half-width Component that you don't want out of the Block. If you are left with an empty half-width Component, delete that too by using the X in the top right corner of it. The other Component will resize to full-width.


We would still like to receive your feedback on the new UI, especially with these changes, so you can continue to let us know what you think at the link below. If you find what you think is a BUG however, please report that to Thank you!