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In order to easily and efficiently manage course content, you have the ability to paste and copy content from one course to another in Evolve.

This article details the process of pasting and copying course content.

Copy & paste content

Pages, articles, blocks, and components can be copied and pasted in any Evolve course.

Copy a page

To copy a page, head over to the course builder. In the upper left-hand corner, click + (Add/Paste). Then click the Paste tab in the pop-up menu to the right.

Screenshot showing how to copy/paste a page

Under the Page sub-tab, you can select the page you wish to have copied to your course.

Copy course elements

To copy an article, block, or component, you'll want to make sure that you're within the page of your course.

In the Paste tab, select the Article, Block, or Component sub-tabs.

Screenshot of Article, Block, Component sub-tabs

Select your course element from the appropriate sub-tab, and it will be pasted into its appropriate place.

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