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After building your Tagging taxonomy and tags in the platform, you're ready to start applying those tags to the content and topics in your account. Tags can have the following effects on content and topics based on their settings.

Things to note:

  • Tags can also be applied to content and topics through bulk import or integration; however, this article focuses on applying tags through the admin user interface
  • Versioning accounts: Tags can be applied to a Draft activity and report data can on tagged Draft activities

This article provides an overview of applying a tag to content and topics in the platform, walks you through reviewing tag usage as an admin, and gives you an example of how learners can filter search results using tags.

Apply Tags to Content & Topics

Once created, Tags can be applied to any activity in your account to assist with content management, and to help your learners find exactly what they need.

When a tag is applied to an activity or a topic:

  • that content or topic can be found and reviewed through the Usage tab of the tag
  • that content or topic can be found and reviewed through the Tagging Items Library report in-platform and/or data and analytics tools
  • the content or topic will be boosted to learners in search results and they can also select appropriate tags to filter search results

Access Tagging in activity properties

Follow these steps to access the Tagging in activity Properties:

  1. Navigate to the Content tab in the admin nav panel.
  2. Find and select an activity from the Content list.
  3. Navigate to the Properties tab and open Catalog properties.
  4. Scroll to find the Tagging property.
  5. Click Select Tags to find and select tags for the activity.

Access Tagging in topic properties

Once created, Tags can be applied to any Topic Section and Topic in your account.

Follow these steps to access Tagging in topic Properties:

  1. Navigate to the Topics tab in the expanded admin nav panel.
  2. Find and select a topic section or topic from the list.
  3. Scroll to find the Tagging property.
  4. Click Select Tags to find and select tags for the topic.

Select Tags to apply

Unrestricted admin, and Restricted admin with appropriate permissions, can choose to search for specific tags or navigate through an interactive tagging menu to select and apply tags.

Heads up!

In the Select Tags modal, Restricted admin will only be able to see and apply tags from Tag Categories an Unrestricted admin has assigned them to.

The Select Tags modal (as seen below) is accessible through the Tagging section found in both activity and topic Properties.

The Select Tags modal helps you to find, select, and apply tags to activities and topics

Use the Select Tags modal

  1. Search Tags: When the Select Tags modal pops up, you can search for tags. When entering in characters…

    1. results will populate while typing
    2. results will appear when part or all of a tag’s name is entered
  2. Interactive Tag Menu: You can click between Tag Categories (on the lefthand side of the menu) and then click through Tag Groups to find the perfect tag.

Regardless of how you choose to locate tags, you can apply any number of tags needed by clicking the checkbox next to each appropriate tag. All selected tags will be applied upon saving.

Click Save when you've selected all tags that should be applied.

Review Tag Usage

For easy content management review, the Intellum platform automatically aggregates tagged content and topics into a Usage tab found in each tag's properties. The Usage tab shows you where you've applied Tags and to which pieces of content.

Follow these steps to review content and topics assigned to a tag:

  1. Navigate to Tags through the expanded admin nav panel.
  2. Select a Tag Category and expand the appropriate Group(s).
  3. Click on the linked name of the tag to access its properties.
  4. Click on the Usage tab.

Clicking on the Usage tab opens a small window organized by Path, Activity, , Topic, etc. If a tag has not been applied to that kind of content, the page will show no results:

If the tag has been used in an Activity, for example, the specific piece of content will be listed and hyperlinked in the Usage window:

Clicking the title of the content piece will hyperlink to its Properties so you can quickly remove the tag or see how it's being used.

Tags: Learner Experience

Tagging supercharges Search recommendations and filtering for learners.

Here's a breakdown of the functionality tags deliver for learners:

  • Tags function like superpowered Keywords to help better surface your content and topics
  • Tags help boost search results
  • Tags also help filter search results. When a learner searches your catalog, public tags will be displayed in a linear tag carousel. Users can click one or more tags to filter search results
  • If a tag is marked Is Hidden in its Properties, the tag will not be visible to learners.

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