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Managed by Exceed features combine the content management power of the Intellum platform with the content authoring power of Evolve to help you build learning journeys while developing engaging learner experiences.

This article provides an overview of Managed by Exceed features and walks you through platform requirements and setup.

Features overview

Managed by Exceed features allow you to:

  • Create Evolve courses directly within the Intellum platform as stand-alone activities or activities within a path

  • Navigate directly to an Evolve course from within the Intellum platform to build, edit, or update the course in Evolve

  • Sync the latest updates from an Evolve course from within the Intellum platform

  • Use Intellum's Translation API to pull translation course files and push them back into Intellum and Evolve

Platform requirements & setup

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager or an Intellum representative when you are ready to enable Managed by Exceed features.

The information you gather from your Evolve account will be used by our team to connect Evolve to your Intellum account.

In Evolve

Enabling Managed by Exceed features in the Intellum platform requires:

  • An existing Evolve account with Appitierre
  • Your Evolve instance URL
  • Your Evolve API Key

Your Evolve instance URL and API key can be found in your Evolve Account Settings. This information is required for our team to connect your Evolve account to your Intellum account.

Heads Up!

You can integrate multiple Evolve instances in the Intellum platform. If you are adding more than one, consider giving each instance a distinct name so that you are able to easily differentiate between each Evolve instance you add.

Follow this path in Evolve to locate these items:

Account Settings > Global Settings > Integrations > Integration Keys

In Intellum

Access to Managed by Exceed features requires that the Evolve application be enabled for any content author who will be creating Evolve content from within the Intellum platform. This is accomplished using groups in the Intellum platform.

Enable Evolve for content authors in Intellum

Once your Evolve account is connected to Intellum, you can enable the Evolve application for an existing group, or create a new group specifically for Evolve your content authors.

Follow the steps below to enable Evolve access for your team in the Intellum platform:

  1. Create a group in the Intellum platform.

  2. Add your content authors as members of that group.

  3. Enable the Evolve application for that group and click Save Changes.

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