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In this article we’ll explain how you can create dialog pop ups to use in conjunction with triggers. This will allow you to show a dialog once a learner has completed a specific action. For example, once they have completed an accordion component, a dialog pop up will appear.

This includes:

  • Creating a logic dialog
  • Creating the trigger

Creating a dialog

  1. From the Course Builder select Edit Course Settings
  2. Select the Logic Dialog tab and then select Add Dialog
  3. You can now begin to create your Dialog including:
    1. Internal Title - this is important to add so you can easily find your dialog when adding to a trigger
    2. Display Title
    3. Body Text
    4. Media type
    5. Navigation - set the content the learner will be navigated to when they close the dialog

You have now created your dialog to be used as part of a trigger!

Creating the trigger

We’ll now explain how to show the dialog as part of a trigger.

  1. Go to Logic
  2. Click on Triggers
  3. Select Add Trigger
  4. Once you have added the trigger you need to set it up, including:
    1. Name the trigger - e.g. show dialog after accordion
    2. Set the trigger event - in this case we need to set it to components completed
    3. Set the trigger condition - in this case we need to find the component that must be completed for the trigger to run
    4. Set the trigger action - in this case we want to choose show dialog and then choose the dialog from the dropdown list

You have now created a trigger that will show a dialog pop up once the accordion component has been completed!

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