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If you have added an assessment to your course, you will typically want to track whether or not learners have passed or failed.

Within your Evolve course, you will need to ensure that you have enabled the Course Assessment extension and set the correct publish setting. This article will overview the course assessment extension and publish settings in Evolve.

Course assessment extension

  1. Within your course go to the Extensions tab.
  2. Find the Course Assessment extension and enable using the toggle.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. You will be taken into the Course Assessment settings where you can build the assessment to your requirements.
  5. Within the General tab you can set up the text in the Course Assessment page (accessible by default from the side navigation in your course) and notification pop up including:
    • A. Title and body text
    • B. Completion pop up text
    • C. Pass/fail feedback
    • D. Results text
  6. The Behaviour tab allows you to set up the assessment questions, pass score and how the user interacts with the assessment:
    • A. Setup the Pass Mark Percentage - this will be what the user has to achieve in order for the LMS to mark the course as passed
    • B. Enable all questions OR select your questions
    • C. Set up retakes
    • D. Set the behavior of the completion pop up and assessment page

Once you have set up the Course Assessment as per your requirements you then need to ensure that your publish settings are correct.

Publish Settings

  1. Click Publish.
  2. Select LMS, Bloom, or Advanced depending on your requirements.
  3. Under “Select how your course should set a status” choose Assessment Completion — this will set the course as complete in the LMS once the assessment has been completed and passed.

Heads Up!

If using Course Attainment extension too, select Course Completion and Assessment Completion from the dropdown.

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