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For Logic features to work as expected with a SCORM based LMS (Learning Management System), a new setting called Use Advanced Tracking has been added to the LMS Publish option.

This article provides instructions on how you can use the Logic feature with SCORM.

Enable Advance Tracking

When this setting is enabled, the current value of any Logic Variable and whether any content is hidden is saved into the suspend data. When the course is relaunched, all Logic Variable values are restored from the suspended data and any content that was hidden/shown will be in the correct state.

Heads Up!

For advanced tracking to work as expected with SCORM 1.2, the LMS must allow the option to increase the size of the suspend data.

The reason for this is that the suspend data size limit in SCORM 1.2 is only 4KB. This is too small to save all the tracking data required for an average-sized course using Logic features. SCORM 2004 somewhat fixes that issue by allowing up to 64kb.

We recommend that the suspend data limit should be at least 64kb for the average-sized course (3 pages with around 5-10 components per page).

Your LMS may provide an option similar to Moodle or Scorm Cloud to increase the suspend data size limit. If there is no such option available, please contact your LMS provider for information on how you can increase the limit.

If it is not possible at all to increase the limit, then we recommend not using Logic features for anything that requires the current value of Logic Variables and whether any content is hidden to be saved and restored between sessions.

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