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Whether learners are accessing learning content because they need to - or want to - it's always nice to be recognized when you've completed a milestone. Whether it's for an individual or multiple activities, Awards help you congratulate users on a job well done.

Central to the Awards experience are the following three components:

  • Award Templates
  • Badges
  • Celebration Types

The Intellum Platform lets you personalize Awards to suit your needs. Once created, you can apply Awards to any Activity in the platform.

This article walks through creating an Award Template, customizing Badges and Celebration Types for Awards, and adding an Award to an Activity. It also covers printing Award certificates as an admin, and gives a preview of the Award experience for users.

Crucial follow-up question...are you more of a fireworks or confetti person? This will make more sense shortly...

Award Templates

Awards are generated via HTML-based templates that can be customized and branded with your imagery. An Award Template serves as the background imagery for your Award celebrations, personalizing each learning achievement.

Follow these instructions to create a new Award Template:

  1. Navigate to Settings in the expanded admin menu.
  2. Click on the Awards tab.
  3. Click Create New Template.
  4. Upload Top and Bottom Background Images for your award template. At least one image is required.
  5. Click Save.

Heads Up!

Images must be PNG or JPG formate with a width of 2550px and a height of no more than 3300px.


Badges are central to Awards in the platform, literally. Badges are the small images that are displayed in the center of each Award.

For consistent branding, a Default award badge can be uploaded for each Organization in your account. Once uploaded, the default Badge will be added to new Awards or Awards that have no custom Badge set - and applied based on the user's Organization.

If you're in need of a little bit more personalization, you can upload a custom Badge whenever you create a new Award.

Follow these instructions to add a Default Badge:

  1. Navigate to Settings in the expanded admin menu.
  2. Select an Organization from the Organizations dropdown.
  3. Select the Look & Feel tab.
  4. Scroll to find Organization Image Settings.
  5. Click Choose File to upload a Default Award Badge

Celebration Types

Celebration Types give Awards an extra boost. Choose between animated confetti or fireworks to accompany an Award when a learner completes an activity. Selection of a Celebration Type is optional.


Add an Award to an Activity

Follow these steps to add an Award to an activity:

  1. Navigate to the Content list.
  2. Open an Activity.
  3. Click on Properties and find the Award property within the Gamification tab.
  4. Enable the Award setting.
  5. Enter information for the Award:
    • Name: control the name of the award your learners will receive. If left blank, the Activity name will be used
    • Description: gives you some space at the bottom of each award to add a celebratory message to your learners.
    • Expires after: lets you set an expiration date for an Award in months.
    • Badge Image: lets you upload a custom badge image for this Award. Badge images appear in the center of each Award.
    • Award Template: lets you select the template that will appear in the background of the Award.
    • Award Type: is an admin-only field that lets you differentiate the Award from other ones.
    • Celebration Type:¬†add some flair to Awards with a burst of confetti or a fireworks display.

Click Save Changes to add the Award to your Activity.

Follow these steps to print Award certificates for users:

  1. Navigate to Content in the Admin nav panel.
  2. Select an activity with an award from the Content list.
  3. Navigate to the Enrollments tab
  4. From the Filter dropdown on the right, select Completed or use the Advanced filter to narrow the list to completed enrollments.
  5. Select one, multiple, or all users for whom you need to print an award.
  6. Click on the More dropdown and select View Awards
  7. Click OK when prompted on the pop-up that appears to generate all awards.

Awards will automatically open in a platform window once generated - if printing multiple, each award prints as a separate page:

  1. Click on the printer icon on the top right.
  2. Follow your operating system's Print workflow to print awards.

Awards | Learner View

When a learner completes an activity with a defined award, they will immediately see the award displayed with any added animation overlaying the award text and graphics:

Award.2019-02-08 12_52_43.gif

Learners can Print or Share (if enabled) their award using the icons at the top-right of the screen.

Heads Up!

Awards can only be shared if:

  • Allow Public View is enabled for the activity
  • An award is enabled on the activity
  • Catalog Access for the activity is set to "Available to All Users"

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