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Welcome to the Intellum Platform. For more than twenty years, Intellum has been providing the technology and expertise that some of the largest and fastest-moving brands in the world rely on to drive revenue, increase retention and decrease costs.

The Intellum Platform includes all of the tools you need to create, manage, track and improve highly-personalized learning experiences for every audience your organization touches - including customers, partners and employees.

We know there is a ton of noise in the technology space around how best to present information and engage users. We constantly hear from our prospects, partners and clients that it can be difficult to determine the real difference between the powerful Intellum Platform and the plethora of LMS, LXP, LRS and CMS vendors out there.

The best way to learn about the Intellum Platform is to experience the Intellum Platform. We created this "open," public-facing version of the tool so you can see for yourself what happens when you combine learning, marketing, knowledge base, customer success and support initiatives into one destination.

While other solution providers force you into a canned demo before they even understand your specific needs, we invite you to explore our tool and learn more about:

  • The Intellum Platform: Create, manage, track and improve highly-personalized learning experiences
  • Tribe & Tribe Chat: Social collaboration that takes engagement to a whole new level
  • Level: Track and reward your users' progress through positive game mechanics
  • Evolve: Build modern, engaging eLearning courses and deploy them in the Intellum Platform
  • The Discover Tab and User-generated content and curation at scale

If you like what you see, and want to dig deeper into how we can help you leverage this technology to achieve the business results that really matter, set up a conversation here - because great conversations lead to great experiences.