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At Intellum, we see a future where AI is the cornerstone of a learning revolution, with tenfold increases in content creation efficiency, redefined user experiences that mirror natural, human interaction, and software that understands your intent directly, accelerating time to value and eliminating the need for tedious navigation through menus and buttons.

But we're not there yet. In fact, the educational technology market today is saturated with solutions that promise innovation but deliver superficial enhancements. Providers frequently release features that, while initially eye-catching, offer little in terms of enduring value or impact – "proof of concepts wrapped in a bow," celebrated momentarily before being relegated to obsolescence.

Transitioning from the current state to this bold vision requires a paradigm shift—a move away from feature-driven to value-centric development, focused on delivering tangible benefits through meticulously designed, AI-enhanced features that address the core challenges of today's learners and educators

At Intellum, we're committed to an iterative, expert-driven development process, engaging with a diverse team of experts—Ph.D. holders, subject matter experts, and instructional designers—who work collaboratively to not only refine and perfect each innovation but also lay the data piping and create the infrastructure required to make them usable in real-world scenarios.

This approach will move us faster towards our grand vision:

personalized, one-on-one tutoring and learning that truly adapts to each user's unique needs, goals, and learning pace

That’s why we’re introducing Intellum Labs to the Intellum Platform!



Intellum Labs is your early-access destination to try the latest innovative learning and admin assistant features we’re working on, so you can get immediate value from early-stage Intellum features − and tell us what you think!

Whether you’re interested in creating more personalized, interactive learning experiences or want better admin tools for content creation, data insights, and learning evaluation, Intellum Labs has something for you.

Join us and shape the future of learning!

Available Now

Automated Learning Objectives

Frameworks for learning with measurable outcomes.

Learning Objectives are the heart of good Instructional design, organizing content and providing a framework for learners to approach new concepts.

Connecting engagement with learning outcomes in ways that can be measured and improved with automated Learning Objectives.

  • Automatically create learning objectives for Paths and Activities.

  • Easily add, edit, or delete objectives, with auto- vs non auto-generated indicators.

Generative Assessments

Higher quality evaluations, better learner outcomes, less effort.

Creating assessments is time-consuming, complex, and requires a lot of manual effort, leading to errors and inconsistencies in content, poor learner outcomes, and a wide range of challenges when scaling to large audiences.

Improve the quality of your assessments, reduce the time and resources it takes to deliver them, and better evaluate learner understanding with Generative Assessments.

  • Automatically create full assessments based on content from any activity.

  • Reduce errors and inconsistencies in assessment content.

  • Easily add, edit, or delete questions, with auto- vs non auto-generated question indicators.

  • Focus on learning strategy and goal alignment by eliminating manual, time-consuming tasks.

Coming Soon

Personalized Learning

Custom course plans and profiles from conversations, not questionnaires.

Where are you in your career? What are your aspirations? What do you want to accomplish next? What are the things that you have to do today in your role and maybe in the future?

Tell your AI Assistant and it will determine your goals, match them to key skills, and provide you with a custom profile and hyper-personalized learning plan, so you can achieve your learning goals faster and more effectively – all with little-to-no admin intervention.

  • Collect unique learner information through a conversational experience, focused on career goals and skill set.

  • Easily generate custom learning profiles, based on learner and admin input.

  • Present learners with tailored learning plans, designed to accelerate onboarding and learning and reduce drop-off.

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