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Intellum Product Updates


Platform Enhancements Shipped:

  • Video Enhancements
    • See “Video Player Redesign” on the Roadmap
  • Accessibility Certification

New Video Learning Experiences

We’ve been hard at work on an all-new, feature-rich, easy-to-navigate video learning experience in the Intellum platform. When complete, video will become a dedicated, core destination within the platform (alongside Courses, Articles, and social experiences like Groups and Chat), making it easy for learners to navigate to the live and on-demand educational content you create.

The learner view of streaming video in the hero section of a Video Activity.

While video will remain a component that can be utilized in a page or within a course, a dedicated section will make accessing both live and on-demand video, like vILTs and Webinars, more intuitive. This month, we drop significant improvements to how video works in the platform, getting us one step closer to the all-new experience.

  • Video inside a Video Activity (as opposed to a video component in a Page activity) is now presented in the hero section in full width across the entire page. If there’s additional content on the page below the video, the video player automatically minimizes and floats on the right-hand side of the page as the learner scrolls. This is a more modern video experience for your learners, giving you more options for presenting video and copy on the same page.

  • When a video is added to a Page Activity as a component (as opposed to a Video Activity), the video will continue to present inline. But now admins have three layout options: normal, wide, and full width to further tailor and customize the layout of specific Pages and present videos in engaging new ways.

  • When a video ends and the next activity in a path is another video, learners are now presented with an ‘up next’ modal. The visual contains a preview of the next video, presents a 10-second countdown to auto-launch the next video, and offers the learner the ability to skip the 10-second countdown with a ‘play now’ button, or stay on the activity they just completed by clicking the ‘cancel’ button in the ‘up next’ modal.

Learn more about Video & Audio Activities in Intellum.

Accessibility Is Critical

The learner and admin experience of adding closed captions to a video component in the Intellum platform.

We’ve completed our annual accessibility audit and recertification and are pleased to announce that our WCAG Level AA conformance has been verified and is now current. The goal is to ensure that every person can access the Intellum platform regardless of a disability or impairment that affects their vision, hearing, cognition, and/or motor functions. YAY!

Up Next:

Evolve v10

Are you utilizing Evolve to author game-changing content for your learning initiatives? Evolve is the go-to authoring tool for learning professionals, content creators, and instructional designers who want to scale the creation of highly-interactive and branded learning experiences. In an industry first, content authored in Evolve and deployed on the Intellum platform plays inline in the system. And we’re about to drop a massive Evolve update with Evolve v10 next month! Build faster and more efficiently with a more intuitive Evolve UI and UX!